The Symposium is part of a project funded by the Academic Consortium for the 21st century. The project brings together the University of Adelaide, Australia, the University of Canterbury, NZ and the National University of Laos in developing a research and research training collaboration in statistical sampling methods in agriculture research and extension. <img style=“float: center;” src="/img/sponsors/AC21.png", class=“sponsors”> The Waite campus of the University of Adelaide is a world-class research precinct for plant science, plant genetics and agriculture research. The Symposium is hosted at Waite, and the catering for Thursday’s round-table discussion is sponsored by the Waite Research Institute. <img style=“float: center;” src="/img/sponsors/UofA.png", class=“sponsors”> The School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Canterbury, delivers undergraduate teaching, research training and research in statistics and mathematics in a wide range of business, engineering, physical sciences and biology applications. The School is providing a sponsorship for invited speakers for the Symposium. <img style=“float: center;” src="/img/sponsors/UC.png", class=“sponsors”> The Society currently has over 700 members and represents statisticians in Australia and overseas to further the study, application and good practice of statistical theory and methods in all branches of learning and enterprise. The South Australian branch of the Society is contributing to the sponsorship for invited speakers for the Symposium. <img style=“float: center;” src="/img/sponsors/SSAI.png", class=“sponsors”> Rho Environmetrics is an independent consulting company in South Australian providing statistical advice on various issues on field and environmental assessment. The company has organised the schedule of the sampling day tour on 29, September. The sponsorship is covering the catering at the tour. <img style=“float: center;” src="/img/sponsors/RE_logo.png", class=“sponsors”>